WHAT IS MANAGEMENT?It is a simple enough question, but there are no easy answers. The term management is relevant to almost all aspects of human life and not just in the corporate world. Business management is just a structured practice of a human talent that spans the entire spectrum of organized society.

Management is practiced in running governments across the globe; management is behind the functioning of institutions throughout the world that are pillars of society; management ensures that the economy sustains and markets stay afloat; management is responsible for the cultural exchange and tolerance between societies; management keeps the flights in the air, the ships in the ocean, the vehicles on the roads and the trains on tracks; Management also keeps the hearth and home running.

There is no part of life untouched by the human talent to manage. It is no wonder then that MBA courses are so sought after. Now, you may well ask, what is there to manage? The answer to that question has many variables depending on the resource that needs to be managed. Some of the most common amongst these are listed below for understanding our subject better:

Often it is time that needs to be managed, like in the case of meeting project deadlines in businesses or in keeping schedules both personally and professionally. Imagine what would happen if the personnel who manage flight schedules or train timings or road traffic were to stop doing their jobs! There would be chaos all around and transportation systems would collapse.

Then of course there is money management. Finance is the focus of humans in the material world. Nothing moves without money changing hands. From the micro-level of an individual’s finance to the macro-level of world economy, money makes the mare go. Managing money at all levels is a great challenge as the global financial crises have shown.

Management of people as a resource is such a multi-layered topic that management pundits are constantly coming out with new theories. We manage people in our daily lives and we manage people by remote control too. You can well imagine how the CEO of a large corporation cannot be expected to meet and interact with each employee in the organisation and yet he/she manages them each day.

Our happiness and contentment in personal life often depends on how well we manage our relationships with family, friends and colleagues. People management is about nurturing and implementing ideas; it is about sensitivity to emotions; handling of demands; meeting of commitments; fulfilling expectations; giving and receiving feedback; and even taking disciplining action.

Organisational management revolves around all aspects of management. Be it man, machine or money. The company goals are set and need to be achieved by ensuring that all sections of the organisation work together efficiently, harmoniously and single-mindedly towards the common objective. This is no mean task and calls upon the prudent management of human resource, infrastructure and technology.

We also see management reflected in our co-existence with nature. Managing the environment calls upon our understanding of the importance and power of natural resources. We may have harnessed the bounty of the natural world to service human needs but efficient management is now being called upon to preserve the earth for future generations.

So, you see the enormous scope of management is reflected even in these limited examples. If you wish to pursue this fascinating field as a career then a good management education will help you acquire the right skills to succeed. As you may well have understood by now, to be a good manager you will need a well-rounded personality.

A professional qualification like an MBA is a must to not only enhance your career prospects but to enrich your personality. An MBA course will equip you with tools like communication skills, analytical skills, decision making skills, technology skills, team skills and leadership skills, which will all be called upon in your pursuit of management.

With so much to manage there is a dearth of talent in the world. Formal education is unable to fulfil the gap between demand and supply of managers. To gain the know-how of management online MBA, distance MBA and part-time MBA are gaining popularity. MBA distance learning, MBA part time and MBA online are proving to be the much needed methods to ensure that skills required for the efficient functioning of all aspects of human existence, are learnt and implemented.


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