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Diversity is the buzzword in each U.S. It refers to changes in the makeup of the work force by 2000, when men will make up 15% of new hires. And since of that, there a number of buzzwords are circulating in circles: restraining your diversity. How can I break out of the vicious circle? , R.Y. Credit history don’t necessarily say squat about a good match with the job and organization, an individual’s capability to do a job in comparison to previous work experience, and expertise. The Society for Human. This month marks the anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Many companies aren’t the wiser about what qualifies as a medical condition or to stamp employee abuses out without exposing themselves. HR professionals and groups ask the Labor Department to issue regulations this describe that conditions apply and to clarify notification requirements and reporting. The. DEAR JOYCE: I’ve a bachelor’s degree in business direction and work. Age 43, I’d like to create a career change in a business that’s located in a climate that is warmer.

Suggestions? , A.J. Begin by writing a functional resume. What is that? Here is a capsule tutorial: FAMILIAR RESUMES. You’ve probably always used a reverse chronological resume, the .1 favorite. This format. Past behaviour predicts future behaviour in a comparable set of circumstances. That Doctrine is the basis of behavioral interviews, an increasingly popular job interview technique: a 1997 AON Consulting\/Society For Human Resource Management survey of the association’s 130, 000 members shows this 18 percent of U.S. Companies use behavioural and character testing for screening non direction candidates, 22 percent, for direction. Used to identify knowledge, abilities and skills, typical.

CHICAGO – Phil Lenowitz works from Bethesda, Maryland, but a year ago he moved Also to Asheville, North Carolina. At age 63, Lenowitz spends 3 weeks each month in Bethesda, where he’s deputy director of HR in the National Institutes of Health, and one week from Asheville with his wife Peggy, 62. Lenowitz is on the right track Also to retire in Asheville – somewhere down the road. The current split schedule has not caused any friction at work. My boss has no. In this era of layoffs, it may be tempted by companies to lean on employees on leave to fill in the gaps, pop into meetings or put out fires, even though they are supposed to be off. Occasionally such requests are Okay with the employee, sometimes they are not. A week ago, four government agencies, led by the Peerage Commission job opportunities, published from the Federal Register a set of five additional questions and answers this companies may use to determine who’s a serious job candidate and who’s simply rolling the dice.


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