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Measure E-learning

On commerce initiatives pressure is by Carmine Porco to show their salt prior to some investment is made, says Julie Kaufman, Research Manager. Enterprises are requesting a business case prior to the purchase of any other software or a LMS or service behind e- learning initiatives. Organizations are requiring evidence that learning provides on its [...]


Know About The Career Options in Data Analytics

The evolution and popularity of the internet and online business models has led to a growth in the demand for specialists from different fields. Specialists in demand are those with a background in digital marketing, logistics, understanding consumer behaviour and analyzing the data collected from customers. This is so that the businesses can understand and [...]

Choosing an Online Course for MBA in Abu Dhabi

Choosing an Online Course for MBA in Abu Dhabi

Online courses are becoming popular especially with the latest advancements in technology. The internet is now accessible to all. For any online course, including MBA, you will need a computer with a stable internet connection. You also need to know about the factors to consider while choosing an online course. Accreditation- Do not just enrol [...]